Youth Ministry

Come Join Us !


Friday Night
Joywok 6: 30pm ~8pm (July & August)
Prayer Meeting 6:45pm/ Joywok 7: 30pm ~10pm (Sept ~ June)

Prayer Meeting

What: Join us for a time of prayer and discipleship before Joywok starts!

Who: Anyone entering or above the 6th Grade!

When: Joywok prayer meeting is held on Fridays at 6:45pm Sept-June.

What is Joywok?

JoyWok is a youth fellowship that seeks to create a close, caring community while learning more about God! It is also a place where we want everybody to feel comfortable.  Start with worship lead by our student worship teams and then receive teaching from a message. Following the message, we will break up into small groups. During small groups, counselors and students discuss the message and have fun growing closer to one another.





Joywok is run by the YCOWS- a group of high school teenagers who wish to serve God alongside the adults who support them.

What is YCOWS?

Youth Coworkers– YCOWs is the student leadership team that runs JoyWok under Youth Pastor Nathan Hieb’s supervision. YCOWs plan and execute special events, community service projects and the weekly JoyWok programs.

What is Worship team?

Worship team is a group of youth instrumentalists who help lead the Joywok congregation in worship on Friday nights and most of the events hosted by Joywok. Worship teams are generally composed of set teams that rotate every week.

What is A/V team?

A/V team is a group of youth who help run the soundboard for the worship team and speaker in addition to assisting the speaker with slides. A/V team members work in pairs: one member for soundboard and one member for slides, rotating every week.

YCOW: Requirements and application process.

Applications for YCOWs are accepted biannually, the application dates coincide with the beginning of the school year and the beginning of the new year, so listen for announcements about YCOWs then.

YCOWs are required to attend Sunday school, Sunday service, prayer meetings, JoyWok, and monthly meetings regularly. YCOWs must have parental consent and must be willing to devote time and effort into running the program. YCOWs must also be baptized and entering/above the 9th grade.

Worship team: Requirements and application process.

Applications for worship team are accepted with YCOW applications (beginning of the school year and January). Worship team applications are attached to YCOW applications.

Worship team members must be members of the YCOW team. Thus, Worship team members must fulfill all the requirements of YCOWs in addition to devoting time to practicing their songs throughout the week and attending practices in accordance with the requests of their team leader.

A/V team: Requirements and application process.

A/V team members must be YCOWs and must be able to attend worship team practices. A/V team members must fulfill all YCOW requirements and must attend a training regarding proper usage of the equipment.