Adult/Young Adult Sunday School

Sunday Morning 9:45am ~ 11:00am

EM Adult Sunday School – Zoom Meeting

In person @MCCC Library

The Book of  1& 2 Peter

Contact:Chao-Yu Cheng

EM Young Adult Sunday School – In person @MCCC RM#101

Summer (Jun, 2022~Aug, 2022) Young Adult Sunday School

The Book of  Luke

College students and young professionals are welcome.

Contact: Sister Juhan Tarn (

Youth Sunday School

Sunday Morning 9:30am ~ 10:45am

Youth SS G11/G12 – In person meet @MCCC RM#012 

Youth SS G9/G10 – In person meet @MCCC RM#009

Youth SS G7/G8 -In person meet @MCCC RM#008 

Youth SS G6 – In person meet @MCCC RM#007

Winter Session ( Dec, 2022~Feb, 2023)

Children Sunday School

Sunday Morning 11:15am ~ 12:30 pm
Winter Session ( Dec, 2022~Feb, 2023)
Teachers: Yujie Luo & Chiali Luoh
Course Title: Learning from Jesus
Bible Passages: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Bible Stories: Jesus’ birth, boyhood, baptism; John the Baptist; Jesus’ teachings
K-G1 Teachers: Serena Chu, Ji Fang & Doris Lee
G2-3 Teachers: Sai Wong & Ruofei Yao
Course Title: The Word Comes To Life
Bible Passages: John
Bible Stories: Jesus’ teachings, miracles, death and resurrection
Teachers: Andrea Sun & Ann Chen
Course Title: The Gift, Integrity, Failure
Bible Passages: Judges; 1, 2 Samuel; 2 Kings; Isaiah; Micah; Matthew; Mark; Luke; John; Acts
Life Focus: Jesus’ birth fulfilled Old Testament prophecies; living a life of integrity; God’s forgiveness gives us a fresh start