Register for In-person Sunday worship Service

Registration is open every week from Sunday 2:00PM (afternoon). All registrations are for the  worship services on the Sunday of the current week, for now, it is not possible to reserve for future Sundays, thanks for your understanding! 

每週日2:00PM(下午)開放登記 。所有登記僅限於當週主日的國語及英文崇拜聚會,目前尚無法進行未來主日的預約,請見諒!粵語崇拜主日當天現場登記。


1) 為了遵守州政府和CDC的規定,也為了會眾的安全,凡在過去十四天內曾前往受到NY/NJ/CT三州旅行限制的美國各州或海外,或是在過去七天內曾出現諸如發燒、發冷、咳嗽等癥狀者,請暫時不要參加實體聚會(請參閲紐澤西州政府相關規定)。

* 凡身體有基礎病者,不建議參加實體崇拜。

* 國語堂須提前在網上註冊(每堂崇拜會眾人數每主日限制在120人左右)。

* 粵語堂不開放事先註冊, 主日當天在門口登記即可。

2) 國語堂崇拜時間:9:30am – 10:45am, 地點:教會大堂。

3) 請會眾於9:15am之前抵達教堂,並在教堂門口處排隊(請注意保持六英呎社交距離),依次:

* 報到。

* 測體溫 (99.5°F or 37.5°C以上不能進入教會);請先在家自測體溫,體溫超標者請暫時不要來教會聚會。

* 以洗手液清洗雙手。

4) 來教會前請使用好衛生間 (如有需要使用教會的洗手間,同時使用不超過兩人)。

5) 在教堂內全程戴口罩。需要在講台上服事的同工可自行決定是否戴口罩。台前將放置有機玻璃防護屏。

6) 遵守社交距離要求(至少六英尺)、不握手。

7) 崇拜結束後,請在11am之前盡快離開教會,請勿在教會內逗留、聚集。國語堂會眾請從講台後側樓梯間的緊急出口離開。

8) 遵守招待同工的引導 (包括到達,就座和離開) 。

9) 教會暫時沒有幼兒看顧和兒童主日節目。若父母攜帶孩子來參加,則孩子必須全程與父母家人坐在一起。

10) 第二階段重啟中,教會暫不提供午餐,也不允許會眾攜帶食物進入教堂內。

11) 在參加美門主日崇拜後14天內,若確診有COVID-19感染,必須立即通知教會牧長。教會將依政府規定做因應的處理。


Notes for English In-person Worship Service

1) In order to comply with the regulations of the state government and CDC, and for the safety of the congregations, in-person worship is not permitted to anyone who has traveled to a state included in the NY/NJ/CT Travel Advisory or internationally within 14 days and/or has symptoms  (fever, chill, cough, high temperature) in the last 7 days. (refers to “NJ government’s COVID-19  Information Hub ”)

The following conditions are also hereby established:

* In-Person worship is not recommended to anyone with a basic disease.

* Must register online in advance for participation (the number of attendees for worship services is limited to about 120 people on each Sunday).

2) English Worship Time:11:15am – 12:30pm; Place: Sanctuary. English Sunday School via ZOOM at 9:30am – 10:45am.

3) Please arrive at the chapel before 11:00am, line up at the church door, and keep six feet social distance. Then:

* Check-in.

* Take the temperature (no entry if above 99.5°F or 37.5°C); Please take your temperature at home first. If it exceeds the specified temperature range, please stay at home.

* Wash hands with hand sanitizer.

4) Please use the restroom before coming to the church building. If you need to use the church’s restroom, please limit two persons at one time.

5) Please wear the mask throughout the church building. Coworkers who serve on stage may be excused. A clear acrylic board will be installed on stage as a barrier.

6) Please comply with social distancing requirements (> 6 feet) and do not shake hands.

7) After the worship, please leave the church building promptly as directed.

8) Please follow the guidance of the ushers (including arrival, seating, and departure).

9) The church does not currently provide any childcare or children’s programs. If parents bring their children to participate the in-person worships, the children must sit with their parents or family members.

10) No lunch services and no food allowed during the Phase-II re-open.

11) If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 positive within 14 days after attending MCCC Sunday service, you must immediately notify the Pastors/Elders. The church will proceed with tracing and necessary actions in accordance with government regulations.

Should you have any suggestions, please contact our Coworkers. Thank you!