Adult/Young Adult Sunday School

Sunday Morning 9:45am ~ 11:00am
Spring Session ( March, 2024~May, 2024)

EM Adult Sunday School – Zoom Meeting

In-person @MCCC Library

the Gospel of Matthew

Contact: Chao-Yu Cheng

EM Young Adult Sunday School – In person @MCCC RM#101

The New City Catechism

College students and young professionals are welcome.

Contact: Pastor Nathan

Youth Sunday School

Sunday Morning 9:30am ~ 10:45am
Winter Session ( Dec, 2023~Feb, 2024)

Children Sunday School

Sunday Morning 11:15am ~ 12:30 pm
Winter Session ( Dec, 2023~Feb, 2024)
Teachers: Pauline Leung & 轶岚
Course Title: Jesus Loves Me and Helps Me
Bible Passages: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Bible Stories: Jesus’ birth, teaching, miracles, parables
K-G1 Teachers: 吴艳峰
G2-3 Teachers: 许玲云 & 彭可群
Course Title: The Messiah Arrives
Bible Passages: Matthew
Bible Stories: Jesus’ birth, boyhood and teachings
Teachers: 王明慧
Course Title: God’s Plan, Family, Salt and Light
Bible Passages: Genesis; Leviticus; Ruth; 2 Kings; Nehemiah; Daniel; Luke; Romans; Hebrews
Life Focus: Jesus the perfect atonement; getting along in a family; making a difference in life
Spring Session ( March, 2024~May, 2024)
Teachers: Yilan Zheng,Sunny Chang & Fan Liu
Course Title: I’m Glad Jesus Is Alive
Bible Passages: Matthew, Luke, John, Acts
Bible Stories: Jesus’ resurrection, Early Church, Peter, Paul
K-G1 Teachers: Huazhen
G2-3 Teachers:  Margaret Liu &  Carol Wu
Course Title: The Savior Lives
Bible Passages: Mark
Bible Stories: Jesus’ life and teachings and His resurrection
Teachers: Shirley Yang
Course Title: Who Jesus Is, Fear, Justice
Bible Passages: Exodus; Numbers; Joshua; Luke; John; Acts
Life Focus: Jesus gives us everything we need; dealing with fear; treating others with justice