* Pastor Henry Ye’s Profile – I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

I was born in Guangdong China, and grew up in a very poor peasant family who often prayed to gods and buddha. I have two older sisters and four older brothers. Cold and hunger were indispensable trials in our childhood. When I was thirteen, my third brother and I left our parents and hometown to live with my eldest sister’s family in Panama, Central America. Before I was seventeen, I didn’t believe in gods or ghosts, let alone people, because I had experienced too much suffering in the world.

Right before my high school graduation, a caring Panamanian invited me to a youth gospel camp.  Thank God for His mercy! Before the gospel camp ended, the love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit touched my empty and fragile heart. On the night of February 10, 1987, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. On the eighty-first day of my belief in the Lord, I was baptized in front of everyone to show my trust and commitment to God. At that time, it was clear to me that God had called me to do evangelism and mission work. After I graduated from high school, I began to study in the local Gilgal Theological Seminary and often went out to preach the gospel with brothers and sisters from different churches. Thank God that I had the opportunity to experience the joy of leading people to Christ when I was young.

In the Winter of 1988, on the first Sunday after I came to New York, I began to attend Sunday Service at the Oversea Chinese Mission Church and participated the activities of the Gospel Fellowship. When I was a student, participating in the church’s  Evangelism Explosion and Gideon’s Army Gospel Team was like a compulsory course, and I often went out with my church brothers and sisters to evangelize new Chinese immigrants. One year after graduating from college in 1997, sister Rita Shean and I got married and moved to Staten Island, where we had children and served in the Grace Christian Church. In the spring of 2005, our family moved to Long Island and participate in the service of the Great Commission Bible Church. Our eldest son Joshua went to work in North Carolina after graduating from college, and our second son Gabriel and daughter Hannah are still attending colleges in New York.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, my wife and I were watching and reading from the major medias and saw the news that many people lost their lives suddenly. We felt the urgency of evangelism and the time had come for God to call me out to serve full-time, so during the pandemic, I completed the theology courses and thesis that had not yet been completed. After the covid-19 pandemic was over, I passed different assessments and interview then I was ordained as a pastor and missionary in my mother church in Panama. In 2023, I founded the “Amanecer Mission Church” in the Herald Urban Mission Institute. At the same time, I was also in touch with churches of different denominations to hold “Seekers Christian Worship” with the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades to preach the gospel to the unbelievers. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to  the Greek. Romans 1:16

If you are interested to know more about our global mission organization, please click on the mission headquarter website: https://avantministries.org


*Pastor John Wang’s Profile 

Pastor Wang is the International Director of Gospel Operation International. He was born in Taiwan and grew up in Argentina. He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, he went on to advanced study in the US and obtained MS and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering. He was a bridge design engineer in the New York and New Jersey area for 14 years. 

Pastor Wang graduated from the Bethel Seminary of the East. He then served as the Mandarin and Spanish pastor at the First Baptist Church of Flushing from 2002 – 2018. He also earned a PhD in 2013 from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School focusing on Intercultural Missions. 

Pastor Wang taught in several seminary colleges in the northeast and has taught seminary courses in Argentina, Bolivia, and Spain. He is a Mandarin/ English / Spanish lecturer for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement courses. Over the years, his research programs have included cross-cultural communication, missions and church, immigrant churches, etc. 

Pastor Wang and his wife currently live in New York and have two adult children.


*Brother Alan and wife Ahna have been working many years in the unreached regions. They have been faithfully serving the God in foreign countries. They visited MCCC and shared with us several times. Please join and meet with them again.


*Pastor Ed Rosella is the founder of Eleos International Ministries. Over the years, he has dedicated to the mercy ministry to those vulnerable and destitute all over the world. 

He has many years of experience in Romania, working with the homeless, orphans, the drug and alcohol addicted, those in hospitals and prisons, people with mental health problems, etc. In recent year, teamed up with local churches and leaders, he has been serving the Ukrainian women and children refugees in Romania. Pastor Ed visited MCCC many times and shared his first-hand stories of mercy ministries in Romania.


Our missions committee focus on sending kingdom workers on domestic and international mission trips to experience God at work in other cities, countries and cultures. Our desire is to follow God’s calling for the church to be an active participant in His redemptive plan for the world. Over the years, we formed a partnership with a local church in Asia, South America and have been sending short-term teams there over the past years. We hope to expand our involvement overseas.